GNUList is a free, open-source mailing list written completely in PHP. It requires a mySQL database to function.

Features include:

Easy Installation:

With the new installation wizard, installation becomes incredibly easy. Just enter a few details about your website, such as the name and URL, as well as the username and password to your e-mail server, and you can start using GNUList right away.

Multiple Mailing Lists:

Ever need more than one mailing list? Perhaps you have one mailing list for one group of users, and another for another group. If so, you can take advantage of the fact that HNUList now support dozens of mailing lists on one server.

Privacy Options:

Standard privacy features include the hiding of the subscriber list from the other subscribers, confirmation e-mails required for subscribing, and the ability to hide a particular mailing list from the public listing.

Easy Integration

Advanced users can fill in a few extra forms on instalation and have GNUist working seamlessly (well, sort of) with their existing login system? Too much hastle? You can also choose to use GNUList's native login system.


Go to the demo website. The admin username is "admin", password is "password". This is fully functional version of GNUList, except that it doesn't send the messages out (for obvious reasons). It is recommended to unsubscribe your e-mail address after using it.


Download GNUList at Sourceforge. Current version: 0.2.